Consumer FAQS

Where can I find the eleat app?  

Download eleat for free from the App Store, Google Play or from the eleat website,

What does eleat do?

eleat enhances the dining experience by providing control, choice and convenience. Use eleat from your own device to dine-in, carryout or delivery.

How do I know if I can use eleat at a specific restaurant?

Go to the app or the eleat website ( to find participating restaurants by entering your address or entering a restaurant name in the search box.

Is there a cost to use eleat?

There is no cost to download the eleat app.  There is a service charge of 99 cents for carryout and dine-in and $1.99 for delivery.  Eleat does not charge restaurants large commissions on orders like other ordering apps, saving customers time and money.

 Is eleat secure?

Yes. eleat data is secure and meets PCI compliance standards.

How do I order delivery?

Choose one of the participating restaurants.  You can order items, provide specifications, provide delivery address, and payment information.  You will receive a confirmation with your expected delivery time.  After the order is made, restaurants or delivery companies are responsible for delivering the orders.

How do I order carryout?

Choose one of the participating restaurants.  You can order items, provide specifications, payment information, and expected pick-up time.  After the order is made, it is the restaurant’s responsibility to process the order.

How do I order Fast Casual Dine-In?

It is easy to order directly from your table for fast casual restaurants that provide a table number.  At the end of your order, enter your table number and someone from the restaurant will deliver your order directly to your table.

Some restaurants do not provide a table number.  In this case, you will receive an order number.  Provide your order number to the cashier to pick-up your items.

How do I order Full Service Dine-In?

It is easy to order full service dine-in from your table.  At the beginning of the meal, let your server know that you are using eleat.  You can enter your table number at the beginning or end of your order.  You can order items from your server or on the app.  Ordered items will appear on your check.

Eleat allows you to order items when you want them.  You can order appetizers to be served first, followed by other items in the order you want to receive the food.

Your session will remain open after the initial order and you can then order new items or checkout.  If there is a problem with your bill at checkout, contact your server and the proper adjustments can be made.

Where can I find the Table Number?

 Eleat offers restaurants table number decals.  Look for the fork decal with the table number.  Some restaurants may elect to use their own table numbers.  Either way, ordering to your table is easy and efficient.

Can I order from the Server for Full Service Dine-In?

Yes.  Eleat is meant to enhance your overall dining experience.  Servers can still take orders.  These orders will show up on your bill the same way as orders made directly from the app.

How can I check the status of my order?

For dine-in,  ask your server about the status of your order.  For delivery, call the restaurant directly or use the concierge/chat service to check the status of your order.

Can I choose only to pay with the eleat for Full Service Dine-In?

Yes,   however, let your server know you are using eleat when you are first seated.  Once you enter your table number,  you are connected to the restaurant and can pay your check at the end of the meal.

Can I order ahead with eleat?

Yes.  You can order ahead within an active menu.

Can I change my order after it is placed?

If you are using dine-in, ask your server if a change can be made to the order.  If you are using carryout or delivery, call the restaurant directly to see if a change can be made to the order.

What do I do if there is something wrong with my order?

If there is an issue with your order,  contact the restaurant or server directly.

Can I pay the cashier or server directly if I ordered with eleat?

No.  If you order from the eleat app, you will need to make final payment through the app.

Are allergy and healthy lifestyle information guaranteed?

Restaurants provide eleat with information related to healthy lifestyles.  Eleat cannot guarantee the quality of the information related to calorie counts, allergy free items, gluten free items, or food types.  We strongly recommend that you contact a restaurant representative if you have any questions about menu items.

Restaurant FAQS

How can I sign-up my restaurant with eleat?

Sign-up with eleat is simple.  Restaurants can sign-up themselves for the basic version on the website.  Concierge service is available via phone, email, and text if needed during the sign-up process.

If you are doing POS integration, an eleat representative will schedule a time with you to complete the sign-up process.

 Is there an infrastructure cost related to eleat?

There is no infrastructure cost related to eleat.  Customers order directly from their own smartphones or tablets.

 How does eleat not charge commissions on orders?

Eleat understands that restaurant margins are important.  Eleat only charges a small fee per order to the end customer.  This allows the restaurant to keep costs lower for customers.

How can I link my website to eleat for ordering?

The eleat team will provide you with a link that you can embed on your restaurant site for delivery and carryout ordering.

How can I integrate with my Point of Sale (POS) system?

Eleat will work with your restaurant regarding POS integration.  Check to make sure that your POS system is compatible and that you have the needed licenses in place.  If you meet the  required criteria,  an eleat representative will work with you throughout the integration process.

How can I enter my menu with eleat?

The eleat team will enter your menu for you the first time.  You can also add designations for healthy choices and calorie counts.  You can then update your menu as many times as you want through the restaurant portal.

How can I make changes to my menu, hours, etc.?

Restaurant owners/operators can make changes to menus, offerings, and hours at any time in the restaurant portal.  If you have any questions, you can contact the eleat concierge service to walk you through the updates.

How can I add another restaurant to the eleat site?

It is easy to add another restaurant into your profile.  Go to the restaurant portal page and add new restaurants in the same way as you added the first restaurant.

How can I get information on a specific order?

All information on orders is in the restaurant ordering portal.  If you have a POS integration, information on orders will be in the POS as well.t

How do I get paid from eleat?

Eleat does payments through  Restaurants are paid at the same time as eleat.  There’s no waiting like with other mobile payment apps. You can set-up a merchant account through the eleat onboarding process.

 How do customers know that my restaurant takes the eleat app?

Eleat provides each participating restaurant with a marketing kit including a laminated poster for your entrance indicating you are an eleat “Smart Restaurant,” table stickers (for participating dine-in restaurants), the eleat logo for your website and customer mailings and other useful materials.

 Can I order more eleat marketing materials?

Yes.  Just email the eleat team with your request.


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